Something Theater

Something Theater is a half-hour television show which has been airing in Southeastern Wisconsin on the The CW channel since February of 2009.  It is broadcast from Milwaukee on an irregular basis, usually on a Friday night following Sex and the City or Scrubs.  Episodes of Something Theater typically have nothing to do with one another, so viewers never know what to expect.

The series is a co-production between Special Entertainment and artist/writer David Robbins.

“I was oddly enamored … This is not art for artists. Swant, Ciraldo and Robbins obviously love TV themselves and are earnestly trying to create something for a mainstream audience. This is far more rare than you might expect. In fact, I don’t know of any contemporary artists who are trying to make  TV shows.”
— Mary Louise Schumacher, The Journal Sentinel

“The Milwaukee made TV show is all weird, all the time.  If you’re in the habit of staying up really late and watching WVTV Channel 18, you might have run across an episode of Something Theater, a show featuring strangely entertaining videos made by Milwaukee filmmakers.”
— Steven Hyden, The Onion A.V. Club

In December 2009 an episode aired which featured outtakes from the forthcoming feature film Hamlet A.D.D..

In May 2010 David Robbins produced an episode entitled “The County Line” which was later shown at the Tate Modern in London.

In July 2010 Something Theater aired an episode that featured a 30-minute version of Gas ‘N Fuel, a short film made by the creators of the Found Footage Festival. A 15-minute version of the film had previously screened at the South by Southwest Film Festival and 12 other film festivals.

In September 2010 an episode of Something Theater screened at the Oriental Landmark Theatre as part of the Milwaukee Film Festival.

In July 2011 an episode entitled “The Title is a Drawing” aired which was made by Los Angeles-based artist/filmmaker Marc Horowitz.